Hi! Thank you for your interest in our Sling Consultancy & In-arms Peer Supporter course. Please read on to find out more about Carried, the dual qualification, and what we’re looking for in trainees.

Carried is a heart-centred, family business (non-profit) dedicated to the furthering of knowledge. Mel is an independent researcher who uses income from courses and book sales to research, create and fund new resources in the emerging area of active in-arms carrying.

The Sling Consultancy and In-arms Peer Supporter course is an in-depth training made up of different methods of delivery, designed to suit multiple learning styles. The course begins with 16 self-study modules, followed by a half-day webinar, then 2 full days in person. After this we have another
half-day webinar, then another 2 full days in person. Once this is completed there are various post-training modules and assignments to complete, as well as 6 months of mentoring (1x 30min video call each month).

This course has been created by a neuro-divergent trainer, with a strong focus on ease of processing information and the ability to revisit parts of the course and coursework as if attending for the first time. Training groups are limited to 6 people maximum to foster connection and quality of learning. Trainees benefit from yearly updates to the course content and manual, private consultant’s group and a private course attendees group.

You can find out the full details in our info pack, downloadable here.